Day 3 – Janger Dance

At the entrance of the water palace few people were giving out some flyers. I grabbed one and moved towards the seats arranged. It had the story they were portraying that day.

I reached there by 7:15 PM. By then few people had already occupied the seats. After 7 PM, they won’t let any tourist enter inside the water palace without the show pass.

Offerings for the spirits

I grabbed my seat in the front row and explored the pro feature of my new Samsung s9 and my photography skills until they began their performance.

Janger dance is a group dance, which is played by female singers of the Sang Hyang dance.

When male Sang Hyang dancers accompany a male singing group, it will be called a Kecak dance.

There are many kinds of Janger, such as a combination of Janger & Kecak, which they now call Drama.

Instruments of geguntangan orchestra

It is believed that the Janger dance was started by women farmers, who sang joyously in groups as a way to entertain themselves and relieve their exhaustion from a long day’s field work. This developed into a dance and became a way to meet young men from other villages. The general theme is now revolving around the initial romance of young couples. Imparting the classic tales of Arjuna Wiwaha and Sunda Upasunda.

What makes Janger unique and appealing is the dancer’s costumes. Women wore the Balinese sarong with a bodice, while the men wore sarong and a Balinese headdress.

The dance was performed on a square in front of Pura Saraswati, accompanied by the geguntangan orchestra, the young men sit cross-legged performing intricate hand movement derived from the pencak silat (the traditional martial art) movements. The young women would kneel, singing the janger song while making weaving patterns with their arms and hands.

The story of that day’s play was called Arjuna Tapa. A story taken from Hindu mythology.

It was a mind blowing performance.

If you are visiting Bali, you wouldn’t want to miss this one. Trust me.

I’m glad that I got the ticket from that man then. By the way, the man who was selling the tickets earlier was one among the instrument player.

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