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Day 2 – Penida Islands

On my way to Penida Island, I met Lissy. She is a culinary student in Bali from in Penida  Islands. That day she was with her family, after going to a temple in main Island (Bali). They all wore a white dress called Kebaya. Men among them covered their head with a white handkerchief kind of cloth.


On their way back home, they have to make an offering to the sea, and luckily I got a chance to see how they do it. It was pretty interesting because it was my first time seeing such a ritual though I live in a country where the majority are Hindus.

Lissy got the ticket for the same boat, just for  Rp7,500  ($0.52USD) For locals, tickets and the entrance fees are  very cheap. The highest paid salary in Bali is  Rp 3,000,000  ($206 USD), only teachers and government officials get that much. And most of the people in Bali is into agriculture.  I wondered how they lived  with  $206 USD for a month.

After 45 mins the boat reached Toyapekh harbor. Paying adieu,  Lissy went ahead with her sister and family, and I went to grab a cab.

In Penida island, there are no online taxis available. Either you can rent a motorbike or a car or get a motorbike or a cab with a driver. For many blogs I read mentioned about the bad roads in Penida Islands, I decided not to take a risk riding on a bike, so I got a car for myself.

For the first time the cab driver quoted the price for Rp 800,000 ($55 USD), for I had read in many places that, they ride usually for Rp 500,000 + Rp 100,000 for the car parking fee, I bargained for Rp 400,000. They were not ready to take me for lesser than $55.


So I decided to walk off. Then they directly brought down the price to Rp.600,000 and then finally to  Rp.500,000 and I agreed to it. But one thing I noticed is, these car drivers have some tie-up with the people at all the parking area. They pay only Rp. 2000 or Rp. 5000 but take Rp, 100,000 from the foreigners.

Maybe you should take a motorbike and drive yourself so that you can park your bike anywhere else and save your parking money. And another thing I noticed is, the roads  in Penida islands had been  reconstructed by the Indonesian govt recently. Maybe on your way to the Broken beach, for about 500 meters, you may find  a  rough road, but other places, it’s great.

These drivers will take you to Angel’s Billabong, Crystal Bay, Broken Beach, and  Kelingking Beach in a day trip. DON’T TRY TO GET DOWN TO THE BEACH  ANYWHERE OTHER THAN IN CRYSTAL BAY. It’s dangerous, and no one will be able to help you if you get into any danger.

Without taking Wayan’s warning, I decided to hike down the Kelingking cliff. I worked out just for this for the past 2 months. I went half way taking a lot  of pain. On my way, I saw many heavy people climbing up and down.   PSX_20181215_150420My leg wasn’t reaching down from one step to another. I had to sit down and keep each step, and it caused me muscle cramps.I wasn’t ready to give up, but after a point, I went out of breath, and I couldn’t feel  my legs.  Then I decided to climb up.  Climbing up was even scarier. By God’s grace, a guy helped me all the  way up  giving me hands.I guess I did the stupidest thing on the first day of my vacation.

So I’m telling you, my friend, please go easy here. Maybe you can trek Mt.Batur. That’s way easier than this. As I was on a short vacation, I went for a day trip to  Penida Islands. But those who have a long vacation, should definitely stay in NusaLembongan and explore, Ceningan and Penida islands doing all the water activities, watching and having fun with the manta rays.

On my next trip to Bali, I will be definitely spending a 4-5 days in Nusa Lembongan and in Penida Islands.

From Kelingking I went to the Crystal Bay Beach and spent my afternoon there till 14:45.  I was so tired and I decided not to go Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong. PSX_20181215_150220After the day tour by 15:00 pm, I boarded my boat back to  Sanur  Harbour beach. I walked to the  Sanur Harbour Gate to save my parking fare and booked the  go-jek bike and headed back to the Hostel.

to be continued…

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