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Things to know before you book a flight to Bali

Lieutenant Colonel, I Gusti Ngurah Rai was an Indonesian National Hero who commanded Indonesian forces in Bali against the Dutch during the Indonesian War of Independence. He was killed in the Battle of Margarana at the age of 29. And Bali’s only airport is named after it’s great freedom fighter.

Though there are direct flights from few countries to DPS, most of the flights connect via other airports. International airlines flying to and from Bali have myriad flights to Australia and Asian capitals. The present runway is too short for planes flying nonstop to/from Europe.

Domestic airlines serving Bali from other parts of Indonesia change frequently.

Air Asia ( Serves Jakarta as well as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, India and Australian cities.

American Airlines ( Direct flights to Hong Kong and Sydney.

Cathay Pacific Airways ( Serves Hong Kong.

China Airlines ( Serves Taipei.

China Southern ( Serves Guangzhou.

Delta ( Serves Australia and Seoul.

Emirates ( Has good connections from Europe via Dubai.

Eva Air ( Serves Taipei.

Garuda Indonesia ( Serves Australia, Japan, Korea, London and Singapore direct, plus cities across Indonesia.

Jetstar ( Serves Australia.

KLM ( Serves Amsterdam via Singapore.

Korean Air ( Serves Seoul.

Lion Air ( Serves cities across Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia Airlines ( Serves Kuala Lumpur.

Philippine Airlines ( Serves Manila, Cebu City, and Taipei.

Qatar Airways ( Serves Doha nonstop with good connections to Europe.

Singapore Airlines ( Serves Singapore several times daily.

Thai Airways International ( Serves Bangkok.

Virgin Australia ( Serves Australia.

Xiamen Airlines ( Direct flights to several cities in China.

so when you take a connecting flight, check whether you need a transit visa.

For Indians

You don’t need a visa to travel to Bali. But it is hard to get a direct flight from India to Denpasar. Often the flights will be connected via Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or Singapore. And most of them connect via Kuala Lumpur.

In Kuala Lumpur, there are two Int’l airports and the flights to DPS takes off from  KLIA2. So in the case, if your flight from India is to KLIA1, and if you don’t have any plans to spend days in Malaysia then you need to get a transit visa. From KLIA1 level 1, Gate2 to KLIA2 level 1, Car park bay B9 and B10 by free shuttle bus and the Long Term Car Park (LTCP), by Malaysian Airport or Mitsui Outlet Park every 10 minutes. It will take 20 mins to reach KLIA2 from KLIA1. So make sure you choose your flight wisely.

  • Also, make sure whether your check-in baggage will be sent to DPS directly by the airlines or you need to collect it before the transfer.




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