Bali Bohemia

After spending hours with monkeys in the woods, I decided to head back to the villa. For the first time during my travel I decided to have my lunch. πŸ˜…

A group of ladies,who were standing in front of the restaurant surrounded me with their baskets of sarong. I decided to buy one from them, but they quoted Rp 400,000 for it.

I was jaw dropped.What the hell!!? $28 for a little piece of cloth.😱

I might have spent it at least if the cloth was of better quality. But for that piece of cloth which will be torn after a day or two , $28 was way too pricey.

I rejected them saying I won’t pay a penny more than Rp 30,000 , even if it was too much for that cloth. They tried their best to persuade me. But I ignored them and went inside the restaurant.

None of the dishes on the menu were more than Rp 200,000. I wonder what those ladies had in their mind when they priced it Rp400,000.

Next to the Monkey forest’s entrance there is a beautiful Restaurant. It is an open restaurant with a great interior and paintings on the wall . I ordered my favourite falafel sandwich and a drink. I wanted to know how Balinese falafel would taste like. After 5 mins they served me the dish.

The first bite of the falafel took me all the way from Bali to UAE. I had the tastiest and yummiest delicious falafel sandwich after 6 years from Bali Behomnia. I couldn’t stop myself from making sound on every bite I took. Definitely it wasn’t just me, all who were there enjoyed their every bite.

I wondered how a Balinese restaurant could give the same taste of the Middle East.

The chef must be an Arab!! I thought.

I very badly wanted to meet the chef, because he deserved a huge appreciation. I finished my lunch licking even the last trace of hummus and the other sides.

I called the lady who served me the dish and asked her about the restaurant and the chef. Then the mystery was revealed.The secret behind the tastiest falafel sandwich and the sides.

That restaurant is owned by a Jordanian. 😱 And the chef is a Jordanian.

No wonder why the Falafel sandwich was so tasty 🀀

Though it was at its development stage,the lady who served me the food took me to their art gallery. The restaurant owner was planning to open it sooner for the public then.

Guess he might have opened it now.πŸ€”

I was so glad that I decided to have my lunch there. I wished if I could go there everyday and get my food.

I booked my Go-jek bike to return to the villa and waited there for a while.

Ubud is a place where Go-jek/Grab or any other online taxi services are not allowed. And these online taxi drivers are so scared to come and pick from the Ubud area. I walked a bit for about 5 mins till the Nyun Kuning junction where my go-jek bike was waiting for me.

For him to come and pick up from there, I had to give the Rp 20,000 – Rp 30,000, unless you offer him that much amount as tip, he won’t come and pick you. I felt that’s better than giving the taxi Rp 100,000 or more. The taxi drivers will rip you off with their high charges.
When you are in Ubud, it’s better to rent a motorbike. Or else get a room or bedspace somewhere in the centre of Ubud so that everything will be within a walkable distance.

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