Beginning of a new life in the new world (2)

It’s been a week since she reached home. She regretted not trying to zelfmoord little earlier. She loves getting pampered though it annoys sometimes. Never before her sister listened to any of the things she asked her to do. She felt herself like a queen.

But she could feel there was something wrong with her parents. They don’t seem to be very happy. They always tried not to have a deep convo with her. Liza decided to find out what it is.

Days passed…

She went on a date with her sister. After so long she got to see the world outside. Something she would have missed forever. She thought about her last date. It’s with him she went on a date for the last. It’s been months, there’s no word from him. It bothered her a lot. But she decided not to spoil the date.

Enjoying her favourite Tournedos Rossini, she asked Laura

Qué pasa con papá y mamá?


Lo sé. Algo está mal con ellos. Me estás ocultando algo. Que es eso?

No se de que estas hablando?

No soy un idiota para creer!

Ohh! Es por eso que intentaste suicidarte?

Laura!!! No puedo discutir, pero dime lo que intentas ocultar.

Te dije que no hay nada. No puedes entender mi español?

Por favor Laura! Te lo ruego … dime de qué se trata … me estás volviendo loco. Estoy viendo esto desde el día en que abrí los ojos. Estoy cansado.

Te lo mereces entonces.

Mmm …

Hmm … Lee … por el amor de Dios, no le digas a los padres que sabes …


She grabbed the phone from Laura. She couldn’t believe her eyes… she burst into tears…

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