Whatever it takes…

She stripped down and stepped slowly into the shower. Her toes flinched as they touched the chilled ceramic floor. Her mind was in shreds; she could never get that picture out of her mind.

She turned the handle, the old and metallic. It spat out pebbles of cold water, it darkened her hair and trickled down her body. The pleasant smell of her shampoo put her at ease.

She took a deep breath; again and again. Her fear never let her do that before. Now that she knows she had already won over her fears, she decided to take advantage of it.

Water poured down, dripping down her skin, as her mind fades into a foggy illusion. She envisioned the water extinguishing the inflamed emotions; all her problems; all the things she honestly didn’t care about; and dissolving them. She could feel everything that troubled her dripping and draining off along with the water.

Her mind swirled and she felt like standing under an everlasting waterfall. Like the falls of Belaine. Ever so beautiful, but it can never last, she knew that.

She felt all those chains that entangled her was getting broken. She felt as Thanos with all the powers to deal with any superhero in the world. Nothing can bring her down, or stand on her way anymore unless it’s the death. She had no weapons or supernatural powers. All she had was the courage to deal with any scum. It took time, for her to understand that no problems are permanent and no perfect solutions are temporary.

She raised her head, deciding not to lower it ever again; her eyes fell closed over and over as the water fell. As she closed her eyes the sound of the dribbling water echoed in her ears along with the chorus of “Whatever it takes” by imagine dragon.

After her shower was finished, she grabbed her pink cotton towel, it had the smell of Kim Kardashian Glam perfume. She slumped into her bed, wrapping herself with the towel, she laid there, reliving the moment over and over.

                                                     (to be continued…)

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