The End

6 months back, Ethen had to fly to London for his work. Then Ayv had been just few weeks old. It was really hard for him to leave Liza and Ayv alone in that city. But he was left with no choice. He never failed to spend time with his beloved ones, even from miles away.

As she was driving towards the airport, she got lost in her thoughts. Five years back, when she met Ethen for the first time, she never thought she would be his missing rib. It took 4 years for her to conquer her fears and fall for him. And he waited for her the whole time.

Now she knows, that the whole struggle she had been through was for this joy of her life. If God had taken her life years back, she wouldn’t have got a chance to see little Ayv. She wouldn’t have got a chance to be loved by a man. Everything happens for a reason.

She parked her car at the parking lot and moved towards the arrival gate. Minutes passed by, she saw the man she missed for the last 6 months. Those 6 months were like 6 decades for her. She ran into him. She forgot about the effort she spent on putting her mascara. Ethen took her around the waist and smiled gently. She couldn’t withstand the power of that smile and look in his eyes. She closed her eyelids and tried to find his lips in that darkness.

                                  The end 

Every story has a happy ending. Wait for its right time to show up.                               

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