Back to you (3)

Years passed by….

Her parents found a groom for her. She accepted it for her parents’ happiness. She married Ethan.

On the first night, the past started to haunt her. Everything flashed in her mind. A fear of being used started to kill her again. She felt like running away from that place.

Will Ethan cheat me?
Does he know my past?
Is he going to use me as well?
Will I be able to make him happy?
Will I be able to satisfy his needs?

Like this thousands of questions started haunting her.

Ethan knocked the door,Liza went and opened the door and moved to the side. As he came in, he could see those thousands questions right on her face. As he moved closer to her she stepped backwards. He stretched his arms to hold her closer. Liza didn’t know what to do, she closed her eyes so tight. She felt as if she’s in a sauna.

She opened her eyes with surprise. There he was standing infront of her holding a mirror. She could see her frowned face in that mirror.

He picked up a pillow and bedsheets and walked towards another room.

Before she started to utter a word, Ethan looked into her eyes and told —

“I know how difficult this situation is for you. I’ll wait until you are ready for it. He would have broke your heart years back, but I know that it still beats for him. I dont want you to go back to him when you are lying close to me. I want you as mine and I can wait for it.”

“I won’t let others go through the pain I had been through.”

As she leaned towards him, he holded her in his arms and kissed her forhead and left the room. Liza could feel how the world was changing around her.

“Love is not lust”

Not every man loves your body, some love your soul.

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