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Day 2 – At Asana Spa

After taking a hot shower I went to Asana Spa for a Balinese massage and got myself pampered with a full body massage and foot reflexology. I guess everyone 20181110_195507should get a massage from Asana Spa.  It took about 3 hours altogether, but it was the best.  Do check out there website and instagram profile.

I chose the Asana Healing Package out of all. It had Ritual foot Bath, Foot massage,20181110_184444Balinese full body massage,Herbal drink and tropical fruit. As I entered they welcomed me with a warm smile. I waited at the louge for few minutes as all were busy attending customers. After a few minutes  a tall man on his early 40’s came and washed my foot with a luke warm water mixed with some kind of essential oil. After that he started foot massage.  And it was the best… Probably because I was on pain after the cliff hike, I loved it.

After the foot massage, I had full body deep tissue massage. It continued for another 2.5 hours. It took me to a world of tranquility. It was indeed a beautiful experience.

After pampering my body,20181110_203351 I fed my tummy for the first time that day with some authentic Balinese food served at my hostel and went to my bed.




Day 2 Expense in Indonesian Rupiah

Pringles 23000
To Sanur 27000
Go-jek recharge 70000
Sanur Gate Parking 2000
Speedboat ticket 350000
Cab in island 600000
Drinks 3000
To Hostel 24000
Spa 215000
Total 1314000 ($90 USD)


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