Day 3 – From Kuta to Ubud

Maybe I was too tired from the previous day, I woke up very late than my schedule. As I had almost packed my stuff on the previous night, it didn’t take much time to get ready.
In a hurry, I got ready to get back on track with my schedule, but I was already one and a half hour late. I went to nearby Alfamart (a supermarket chain in Indonesia) and got some snacks for the day and yogurt drink for my breakfast1545569522380. My booking in the hostel didn’t have breakfast included.
I recharged my go-jek for another Rp 300,000 from there because I couldn’t find any Alfamart near my accommodation in Ubud through Google map. While waiting for the cab I withdrew another Rp 1 000,00 from the ATM to be on the safe side.
The sights on the way to Ubud from Kuta was glorious. Bali is much like Kerala or Goa, in India with so much of greenery, small shops, and old buildings. Those who like Kerala and Goa are definitely going to love Bali.
Most of the big buildings were in and around Denpasar (the capital city of Bali), from the moment the Denpasar was passed, I could see only small houses and fields.
Nowhere in Bali, I could see a skyscraper,. Most of them were one-story construction,  very few buildings had two stories. Among them, most of them were built during the British colonial period.
They built their house according to the traditional architectural style which is much similar to other Asian countries. Most of the houses had small temples within the courtyard. Besides those, between every two or three buildings, there were temples. Whichever be the God they are devoted to, they lived their lives around that God, paying offerings and prayers.
Every roundabout and intersections I passed had a statue either of Balinese leaders or of their religious character.
Doing a little research on Balinese history or even listening to their stories will make you feel like you are living a fairy tale.

My driver was an old man somewhere around his 60s. But he knew English better than other young Balinese people I came across there. It’s the stories that he told made google more on the leader and houses of Bali.

You can also take a bus from Kuta to Ubud which will help you save a lot of money. Buses in Bali aren’t like the Buses in the other part of the world, they are almost like a small van.

Bus travel is not very well developed in Bali; most of the buses you’ll see belong to bus charters set aside for tourist groups jaunting to places like Uluwatu. Bus options are not entirely absent, though.

buses-waiting-at-terminalThe relatively new Kura-Kura Bus Shuttle service radiates out from its hub at the Duty Free DFS bus terminal at Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai to destinations like Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud. The daily bus service operates in cutely decorated buses with a turtle design motif outside and WiFi and voiceover guide inside.

Tourist shuttle bus services allow tourists to travel from point to point with the least amount of expense and hassle. Perama Shuttle is one of the most established on the island, with bus and ferry services that reach across Bali from Kuta to Ubud to the North and East and beyond. Perama ferries ship tourists off to Nusa Penida and Lombok or back across the strait to Java.

After an hour I reached my vila in Ubud. There are many private villas in Ubud. 

1545569609345And I chose to live in Jagi Villa. Nyoman the owner of Jagi villa welcomed me in.

Check out my Instagram profile for the villa tour.

For it was too hot outside I took a nap for a while before I start my day.

to be continued…

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