Day 3 – Ubud

November is usually an off-season for Bali because Bali gets its rain from November to December. But that day afternoon was so hot and I decided to stay in the room and take a nap till evening.😴

After a quick nap, I woke up by 4:00 pm, and decided to head out.

Ubud streets are one of the best for an evening stroll. I went straight to Pura Saraswati aka Ubud Water Palace aka Lotus Palace.

At the entrance there was an elderly man selling tickets for that night’s Janger dance. I had a quick chat with him for 5 mins about the dance, other shows available to watch, nearby attractions, etc. And got a ticket from him for Rp 80,000. Actually the talk didn’t work out well, the ticket price was fixed.πŸ˜…

The Ubud palace and temples are not open to the public because of an unfortunate event that happened lately in Bali.
Some tourists entered in the most sacred place of the most holy temple of Bali, called Pura Besakih and took some inappropriate pictures for their social media account.

People in Bali are so loving and warmhearted, and at the same time they are super conservative and orthodox. They value their morals and traditions more than anything of this world. They can be considered as the most religious people in the whole world. And they expect everyone visiting their country to respect their beliefs.

Anyways, that incident caused an uproar in Bali, leading all the temples and Palaces to shut down the middle zone doors called Madya Mandalay aka jaba tengah to all the tourists.

I spent around 30-45 mins in Pura Saraswati and the Ubud Palace. Though both the places are so amazing and has so much to tell about the past of Bali, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t enter inside and explore or see much of it. πŸ™ And unfortunately, that’s the case all across Bali. πŸ˜’ Unless you have a proper dressing and woman are not on their menstrual cycle, some villagers might let you enter their family temples. ( just in case if you are so interested and curious like me)πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

Opposite to Ubud Palace is the Ubud Market. You can get anything and everything there. Home decors, Bali handbags, all kinds of toys (including sex toys😝 They sell it in public πŸ™„), so goes the list… Though I wanted a famous Bali bag, and some home decors, because of the Air Asia baggage policy I decided not to get anything from there.😭

Controlling the shopaholic in me was a bit difficult, especially when it came to Bali Bag. πŸ˜ͺ But I somehow managed to come out of the market, buying a small jewellery box made of small beads.πŸ˜‘ Trust me, I’m going back to Ubud Market, once I buy my own apartment.🀨

It was already 6:30 pm by then. The Janger dance for which I bought the ticket was supposed to start by 7:30 pm. I got into a fancy resto-bar called White Orchid,Ubud on the street and treated myself with a candle light dinner on it’s roof top.🀩

I ordered Nasi-goreng with some Indonesian prawns curry. Nasi Goreng is nothing but a fried rice. But the curry was sooo yummy. I had the last drop of it. It was more than enough to make my tummy full and happy. Most of the Indonesian food is from South India and China. I suggest you all to try some Indonesian curry when you visit Bali.

So I got my Nasi Goreng packed up for my late night craving. And went back to Pura Saraswati.

Check out my Instagram for more pictures. And drop me a message if you want to plan your Bali trip.

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