Whatever it takes… (2)

Problems are never permanent. And the perfect solution is never temporary.

As a kid, one of Lisa’s greatest fear was her exams. She never really liked exams. Eventually, as she grew up, her problems turned out to be her friends, relations, job, money etc.

Isn’t it so for all of us?

Wait a moment and just look back!!!

How far did we all come?

Don’t we all have some miraculous testimonials about the problems we overcame?

The problems, that we thought, we could never deal with; weren’t they something brief?

Rather than fear, why don’t we just deal with it? Thinking and muddling up so much with a problem can lead you into depression and much worse situations. Never let the problem engulf you.

Many of our problems are trails of the mistakes we did once.

Like Einstein told once, “We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

Whenever a problem comes, as an initial step, we must try to understand the causation of it. In that way, we will never have to pass around with it again.

Once, after figuring out the root cause, decide on the end result you want to achieve. We should be well determined about the goal that we need to achieve.

Inasmuch as we are all now laid down with the problem and its end-result. It’s time for us to come up with some scheme to make it to our goal. This is the part where we have to play wise and smart, to never get into another problem again as a sequel of the current one and to never have a regret in the future.

Every problem must be resolved according to one’s wisdom and knowledge because that’s what make unique lives

Coming to the most difficult part; unraveling the problem. Patience is the key to solve all our problems. Beginning from the loose ends, we must start to fix each glitch one by one. It might take some time, but you will definitely hit your goal.

Be wise and play smart.

Problems are like the washing machine, they twist us, spin us and knock us around. But we come out better, cleaner and brighter than before.

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