Back to you

It was a picture of Cavill and a girl, announcing their 3 years of togetherness.

It was much more than she could bear. Liza had no idea how Laura got that picture.

Cavill will never cheat me!! There must be some misunderstanding. She thought.
Cavill she knew could never do something like that. He had a beautiful smile that reflected his soul. The care and love she received from him was something she never experienced before.

But Laura could break all the justifications Liza came up with, to advocate Cavill. She had all the proofs to make Liza understand the situation she had got into.

Liza went through a deep depression and lost faith in love and people. She became Anthropophobiac. She started running away from the people. Talking to someone over five mins made her feel like ripping her apart. She thought that her body was used and her soul was not pure anymore.

“It’s getting dark, why don’t you stay over here and return early morning. I don’t want someone to kidnap or rape you.”, Cavill said Liza.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. What if we end up doing something wrong.”

“Anyway you and I are going to be husband and wife. So what’s the big deal. You are mine and I’m yours.”

“No, those should happen only after marriage. Our families let us spend time together before the marriage, for they have faith in us and I promised them that I won’t indulge in any such activities before marriage. I respect them too.
So, clearly everything is only after marriage.”

“What is the problem in being together? Having sex is the problem. Okay!! Let’s don’t do that. We won’t have sex. I don’t think there’s something wrong in spending a night together though.”

“But still!!! That’s not right Cavill.”

“Don’t you trust me? Anyway we will be together after few months, then why not now. And it’s dark outside. I don’t want you to get into any trouble travelling alone at this time. If you don’t trust me, what’s the point of being together? Let’s finish it off here. Let’s breakup.”

“Why are talking this way? Don’t be so silly?”

“Ohkie !! Do whatever!!”

Cavill grabbed his Heineken bottle from the table and stormed off to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Liza got startled for a moment and walked towards the room and opened the door. Cavill had already gone to the bed by then. She got onto the bed and slowly moved towards him and said “If this makes you happy then I’m fine with it. Let’s do it!! All I want is you and your happiness. Because I love you so much.”

Little did Liza know that was wrong, but to save the relationship she agreed to it. Because she could never afford to lose him. She loved him so much.

After it was over in the bed between Liza and Cavill, though she knew she couldn’t please him like he was expecting,everything went well…

But for not more than a year. Cavill started getting busy with his schedules . He hardly had time for her. Though she tried her level best to understand, at times she couldn’t control her insecure thoughts. Maybe that pissed him off and he eventually stopped talking to her.

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