Beginning of a new life in the new world

The bright sun rays that came through the windows, fell on her eyelids. As she woke up, everything around her seemed to be so fresh and new, the room, the flower bouquet, everything…

It took time for her to realize that she’s not in heaven. She couldn’t control her happiness.  God listened to her prayer. She felt like jumping over joy. She wanted to run out to see her mom. She tried getting up, but she couldn’t. The pain she had in the abdomen made her weak.

Someone opened the door and came inside. It was her mom. The happiness brought a big smile to her.
Her mom couldn’t believe herself. Tears came out of her eyes, seeing her daughter back in the life.

Her mom called the doctor. After a few minutes, a doc came inside and checked Liza’s record. He promised to send her home so soon. Her mom wasn’t looking so happy even after all this.  There was something bothering her. Liza wondered. But she didn’t have the strength to ask her. Maybe because of the injection she just got. She felt so dizzy and fell asleep…

She felt a new beginning coming towards her and she ran into it with her arms open…

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