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Things to know before going Penida Islands on a day trip

Things you must carry:-

• Make sure you have enough money in hand. nowhere in harbor or island(Nusa Penida) I could find an atm or use the card.

• Make sure you take your master /visa/ American Express card, which has international transaction enabled with you if you are planning to stay back on the island. Union Pay or other cards are not used throughout. It will definitely make things harder for you if you plan your trip to Bali on a card other than Master or Visa card.

• Make sure you have sunscreen in your bag.

• A pair of clothes if you are getting into the water at Crystal Bay Beach.

• Wear loose items of clothing. It’s too hot in Bali.

A gas station in Penida Islands

• Carry a bottle of water. and never drink water from the taps.

• Snacks. Food will be so costly and unhygienic. And you won’t find a good restaurant in Penida islands. Go to any of the Alfamart or Indomaret supermarkets when you are at the main Island, there you can get instant noodles (Rp 4000- Rp5000), chips, juices, bread, bun etc. for a cheaper rate.

• Make sure you have taken waterproof cover for all your phones, cameras and go pro while packing.

• Make sure all the electronic devices are fully charged, else you will regret for not able to capture the moments. A good thing about hiring a cab is, you will be able to charge your phone while roaming around. Carry your cables along.

Things you shouldn’t do:-

• Don’t try to hike down at Kelingking, Broken and Angel’s Billabong Beach. It’s too dangerous, and no one will be able to help you in case if you get into an accident.

• Listen to your driver when he gives you an instruction.

• Your driver might not be knowing English, but encourage him to speak, you can use google translator, you will gain lots of knowledge.

• Don’t wear heavy items of clothing. Make sure you are not wearing branded clothes

Boarding the boat from Sanur Harbor
unless you want to spoil them. I saw many Indians and Asians dressed up as if they are going for a party and whining later.

• You must avoid wearing shoes, socks, long dresses, tight skirts. At Sanur harbor, you get on to the boat at the berth from the water.

If you want to know more on the trip to Nusa Penida post your queries in the comment box below.

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