Means of transportation in Bali

If you are on a budget trip or don’t wanna spend more money on commutation you must definitely know about Bali transportation. Else commutation n Bali can cost you much more than what you paid at you 7-star resort. So be wise and smart when you opt your mode of commutation.
Transportation in Bali comes in variety, some more tourist-friendly than the others. If you’re not relying on your hotel to get you around, or if you are a solo traveler or on a budget, you can get around town on foot, or on rented bike or motorbike, cycles, taxis or via bemo.
If you’re seeking to go between towns (Kuta- Denpasar-Ubud-Sanur), you can catch a ride on a public bemo (bus), a private bemo, a taxi, a car/driver rental package, or rent a car to drive.
Due to its popular tourist industry, Bali hosts an endless number of short- and long-distance transport entrepreneurs, each jostling to get your business. Some of them are honest brokers; some are not. Ensure you don’t get ripped off by unscrupulous Balinese transportation providers.



  • You can’t rent a two-wheeler if you don’t have an international license.
  • Make sure you wear a helmet, not all Bali traffic police are so considerative and understanding.
  • Before you rent a bike, make sure you take a picture or video along with the provider, these people have their boys waiting for you at all the parking. And each scratch and bents will cost you another fortune. So be careful !!


Local Taxi

  • Bali Cab mafia are crazy. For that reason, Uber suspended their service in Bali.
  • In case if local taxi people see you hiring an online taxi, especially in Ubud or in outskirts of Bali, then they won’t mind ruining your day.
  • The private taxies in Bali will make you pay top dollars.

Blue Bird

  • Besides the pocket ripping local taxis, you can avail taxis from Blue Bird from the curbs. Make sure you get into the right Blue Bird taxi because there are so many smart Balinese folks with fake Blue Bird taxis.
  • You can book your Blue Bird taxi ringing on +620361701111 or +620361724724.
  • Blue Bird has a mobile app but it doesn’t have many ratings. 😦
  • When you hire a take make sure they turn their meter on. Else you will end up paying what they ask.
  • Check whether it has a blue bird’s sticker on its door and top before boarding.
  • Also, check whether the driver identity card is displayed on the front with the Blue Bird stamp.
  • Have your GPS on, like anywhere else these people also will probably take 1 hr to reach a stop that you could reach within 5 mins if they see you have no clue about Bali.

Online Taxi

Go-jek and Grab

  • Go-jek and Grab are two mobile applications like Uber, through which you can order motorbike ride, car ride, food, massage, salon, medicine, do shopping, transfer money etc.
  • You can credit money,  from any of the Alfamart, (supermarket in Bali) or through the cab drivers.

note: To do the top up through Alfamart, you require a Bali number registered.

Airport Taxi

Probably the only airport which will have taxi drivers waiting for you right after your immigration clearance will be in Bali. You will see a lot of drivers like a flies around the waste.  Don’t hire the Black Airport taxis which will cost you x7 times of the usual charge.

“Hey, beautiful lady!! Want taxi!? Cheap taxi. Where you want to go? Taxi waiting? Cheap taxi beautiful lady.”  – when some try to flirt and get a ride, there will be another group.

“Here no online taxis. Only airport taxi. Where you want to go? I take you. Give the bag.” Some will try to terrify you.

Just walk ahead, come out of the parking lot. Walk right towards the toll gate, you will definitely find a Blue color taxi.


To get around Bali with the least expense, try riding one of the minibusses called bemo that run on set routes around the island. Despite the low prices, drivers will still charge more for foreigners, so break out your haggling skills. It is the cheapest way to get around. But it is hot, dusty, open to the elements, and can be a hard slog between towns if you’re riding long distances.


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