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Let her live…


“The events and characters depicted in this post are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.”
Luckily, today the weather seemed to be pleasant. She didn’t feel much hot or humid.  From somewhere a cold breeze kept coming. Though it was something unusual about that place, it made her feel good.

Today she woke up very late. Still, she managed to reach the office in an hour. She hates going to work now. It’s been almost 2 months. She doesn’t have any work. All she does there is browsing something over the internet. She never forgot to curse herself for the decision she took to move to this place in between.

She has never gone through such a situation in her life. She had her own plans and visions about her life. She had backup plans for any catastrophic situations that could come up in her life, until two years back. She was an independent soul. She never let others control her. She even hated the influence her mother has on her. But then her relatives wanted to marry her off to someone.

Why can’t a woman live alone? she thought.

 A woman is treated as a stubborn feminist if she doesn’t get married by the age of 25. Society treats her as a stripper then. They think unless a woman is not under the control of a man, she’s a slut. They blame her parents for the way how she lives. And most of the families think marrying off a girl to someone will keep them away from the blames and troubles. They are scared of the questions that will be raised against them.

“We are bound to the society and we can’t live against it.” The stupidest justification is given for it. We do not understand that it’s winding us tight like a python and breaking our bones to death. Though we call ourselves literate, we are still bound by the traditional thoughts and cultures. And we love being wrapped up in it.

She never believed in love. Maybe because of what she believed to be the true love turned out to be her true love, not the other persons. She lost her trust in man. She hated man the most. She believed them to be poisonous than the dart frog. She never wanted another man to take advantage of her anymore. But her family couldn’t accept it. They had thousands of reasons. But she was determined.

If a man can live his life being single, then why can’t a woman???
If a man can become a single father, why can’t a woman??? 
It might take so much of an effort, strength, and courage for her to live that way until the end, still, why can’t she give a try????
Like every man, every woman has their own dreams and goals which she wants to achieve. Why should they sacrifice it???
A girl won’t be able to study well after her marriage, why is that so??? 
Why can’t she be independent and do things alone in her own way???
Why can’t she travel around the world alone???  
Why can’t she be out at night???
Why can’t she be friends with the opposite sex???
Why can’t she post the photos of her on social media????
If it’s because you are concerned about her security,  then where is she actually secure??? 
Can she be secure in the hands of her husband????  
Can she be secure in the hands of her father???? 
Can she be secure in the hands of her brother??? 
Can she be secure in the hands of her mother???

You don’t want her to go out when it’s dark, but you can ditch her after taking advantage of her love??? 

On the bed, you want to impress her, wowww!!! she’s amazing!!! You can’t wait to take your relationship to the next level. After a week you act like nothing happened.

In case if she happens to break up with you, you disgrace her publishing the private moments you had with her on social media and threatening her family or attacking her with the acid.

Women are considered as a machine for men to have sexual pleasure,  to give birth and to take care of a home. Some believe that the purpose of a woman’s life is to clean their dirt and satisfy them. 

How many of you would have actually loved your wife if she was incapable of satisfying your needs???

Let her live her life, as she wants… Let her marry when she wants… Let her do what she wants to…  

If you need a woman in your life, approach her only if you can treat her like a queen. She will treat you like an emperor. Respect her, instead of measuring her breast and butt size, try to know the size of her heart. Else leave her alone… 
Life is like a chess. No one can protect the King like his Queen. There is no one as powerful as a Queen

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