Day 1 – I AM in Bali

I walked towards the immigration desk passing through a big hall decorated with Umbul-umbul (Balinese traditional flag). After the immigration check, handing over the immigration form. I reached the immigration security check.


Few were unpacking their bags and the armed force was inspecting that. I and a few others stood there wondering whether we need to unpack our bag or not. But the security guards seemed to be soo lazy to check everyone’s bag. Seeing the others walking away, I walked out of that room.

For a moment I wondered whether I passed through the wrong door. The cab drivers were everywhere, like the flies on the flees they surrounded the tourists.

“Hey, beautiful lady!! Want taxi!? Cheap taxi. Where you want to go? Taxi waiting? Cheap taxi beautiful lady.”  when some tried to flirt,

“Here no online taxis. Only airport taxi. Where you want to go? I take you. Give the bag.”  a few were really rough.

I walked ignoring everyone, looking for an exchange. On the right, I saw one and walked in and enquired if I could exchange my Indian currency there. But unfortunately, they refused to take Indian currency. They asked me to check with the exchange inside the parking. On the left, there was a sim card outlet. But the tariff there was Rp 250,000 for 7 days so I decided to check somewhere else and walked away.

Walking through the midst of all the cab drivers was really scary, but I walked ahead looking for the exchange inside the parking area. Without much difficulty, I could find it. For Rs 5000 they gave me Rp 750,000. They charged me Rp 250,000 for it. I was a bit disappointed with that. But I was so desperate for I needed cash to pay for the cab.

I came out of the parking lot, looking for the main exit gate because I had read in a blog that hailing airport taxi will cost me a fortune. 20181208_041243Although my hostel was a few meters away from the airport I didn’t wanna take a risk on my first day walking alone, so I decided to take a local taxi from outside the airport. Airport was all fenced with thin wire so I walked towards the toll gate. As I was walking a dark sky blue car came and stopped near me. I looked whether it’s the Bluebird taxi.

Ohh yea it had its logo on the door and on the light at the top. The driver lowered the glass.

“Hi Ma’am do you want taxi? Tell me where you want to go. Cheap rate. Tell me address.”

He asked me in his broken English.

“Do you know Lokal Bali Hostel?”

“Lokaal?? Where is it? “

“It’s in Kuta. Just 2kms from here”

I showed him the location in my google map.

“Okay, ma’am. I take you.”

“Start your meter then.”

“Ma’am after you get in I start meter”

I got in the cab and asked again to start the meter. But I had a doubt whether he was starting or stopping the meter. I kept my eyes on that meter until I saw digits changing in that. As I was familiar with the location I could catch him red-handed when he tried to fool me taking a long route. Within minutes I reached my hostel and the cab fare was Rp 25,000/-

At hostel Putri welcomed me. She helped me in completing all the check-in procedures.20181109_210340 I got a sim card from there which cost me Rp 150,000 and ordered for a Bali meal which cost me Rp 45,000.

I was too hungry enough to eat an elephant for I hadn’t eaten anything in the past 24 hrs. I went to my room to got freshen up and had my food and went to bed early.


Total Expense of Day 1

Exchange charge Rp  250,000
Airport to Hostel Rp    25,000
Hostel Rp 342,620
Sim card Rp 150,000
Dinner Rp    45,000
Total Rp  812,620

note: I had a bottle of water with me and throughout my journey, I was fasting.

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