Things change

The odds that she would wake up for the little digital clock kept on the side table was very less. She laid there on that bed, half dead, until the rays from the far travelled miles and miles, and fell slanting through the glass window, and the little gap between the curtains and touched her eyelids. Giving up for the warmth of little rays she woke up from the bed, stretching out her hands and looked for the tiny tot sleeping near by. She took out for her mobile. 

6:00 am!!! Omg!! She snapped. She placed cushions on both the sides of the little Ayv and slipped into the bathroom.

She opened the tap and cleansed her face with a green colour gel from the tube, which was kept on the side. She then looked at Ayv through the mirror in front of her. Her little munchkin was having a sound sleep between the warm cushions. A small smile of satisfaction showed upon her face. She took a quick bath and came out in seconds.

In a hurry she took out the Ayv’s feeding bottle and pumped the milk that Ayv needs for the next 2 hours. Went to her dressing room.

She had been waiting for this day for the last 6 months. On the previous day, she spent around 6 hours in Sören Saloon. She wanted to look great in front of him. She took out her new grey Cashmere Midi Dress by Ralph Lauren, which he had sent for her birthday from Naples.

In that crew-neck dress with the long sleeves with the ribbed cuffs and leg slit on the left side, she looked stunning. Along with that she wore a black combat boot and black Birklein Bag. She stood in front of the mirror until she got the call from Ayv’s babysitter.

She left the baby Ayv with her babysitter and walked towards her car.

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