The way she compromised her gen


It’s 9:50 am. She woke up for she had to. If there were any leave left for the quarter, she wouldn’t have gone to work today. Though it’s 35°C outside, it actually feels like 40 °C.
As usual, after thanking God for the sound sleep, she jumped out of the bed and folded her spread. Grabbing her mobile she went to the restroom. It’s from there she checks her emails. Every day, she could find a number of emails from unknown sites. “How did these people get my email id when I haven’t shared my mail id with anyone???
Have you ever wondered, how did some bank or online promoters get your email id or number??? Or why is your inbox filled with so much of spam emails???
Spam emails are some junks emails send to a lot of people at once either for advertising or for spreading malware or viruses. They may attract you with their interesting subjects. When Liza bought a new smartphone, she was forced to link it to a Gmail account. Or else she can’t access the play store or few of the phone features. As for downloading the apps from a third party site are prone to virus threat she had to do it. Even to access the videos on the YouTube or to subscribe to a channel and watch certain videos, she had to sign in to her Gmail account. Her phone has 64GB built-in memory. But now she has only 754MB left. She hardly has 10-11 apps installed. Now she has to uninstall one app to install the other.
Once your smartphone is linked to your mail account, whichever site you go through or the application you download, knowingly or unknowingly you are giving access to the third parties to your personal space.
As you have already compromised your personal information, just by hacking any of those sites you logged into or visited, one can get all your details.
You might have seen apps asking you to allow them the access to your contact, gallery, etc while installing it. Some normal photo editing apps may ask you to grant them the access to your contacts. Have you ever thought why do a photo editing app require access to the contacts? Have you ever denied giving them from having such access? Most of us just tap on “Allow” button without even reading the message.
Giving access to the apps to our contacts can let them take the contacts imported from our Google or WhatsApp account is also a reason why we get lots of spam emails. Liza loves calculating her lifespan, checking who is secretly visiting her wall, knowing who has a secret crush on her. She also loves reading gossips from the movie industry. She will go through all the news feeds that pop up on her wall. Interestingly most of the news feed on her Facebook wall is related to the searches she made on Google. Sometimes she could even find the advertisement of products she searched on Amazon or Flipkart a while ago among her Facebook news feeds. She always thought, “Facebook is too smart enough to understand her needs and desperate to provide her that“. But she never once thought how did Facebook come to know about the search she made on a different app.
You also might have come across many such situations. The moment you redirect from the Facebook (leaving it open) and enter into another website, it’s like how you leave your house open and go somewhere. Thereby you are letting others enter into your place. Many such websites or links can inject various apps or viruses into your device and access your phone even without your knowledge. And you wonder why your device is low on space even when you don’t have many apps installed. Nowadays most of the websites will allow us to access their information if, and only if we register or sign up for their website using Google, Facebook or by using an email account.
No comments if you are using Google or Facebook account to sign up for other websites.
But how many of you are using your personal mail id and its password instead of creating an account with a new password?

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